Magic Methods to Motivating Millennials to Manage Teleselling Mandates

If you are a sales manager, business owner or long-time sales person there is no doubt that you have been witness to the Millennials’ methods in marketing and sales. They attempt to do everything on the Internet, including relationship building, link building and making friends and associates.

But as we all know these are not real friends that will be there for you when push comes to shove; oh, sure they’ll back you up if someone tries to flame you on the Internet, but they are not real friends, associates of guaranteed buyers of any of your products or services, well unless maybe you are selling some eBook or webinar something or rather.

Then, these same millennials call themselves relationship builders and enter the job market as sales people. But good luck trying to get them to cold-call or go hammer out a territory. No, they have their own methods like; doing a batch sort and emailing everyone with a form letter telling them about the great products and services and benefits and telling people to buy? Well, we all know that does not work, in fact, most people just delete those emails.

The other day, I was sitting in on a sales meeting as a consultant type of a very strong company. Many of the salespeople were millennials and as the sales manager went through the sales meeting identifying all the key prospects and the data associated with them that he gathered on the Internet. It was a waste of time. All the millennials had already done all that. Indeed, when they were discussing each high-value prospect and company. Each one would say, I already contacted them, I sent them information, I know them.

What they meant were that they emailed these prospects and prospective companies. In only two cases did any of the millennials pick up the phone and call any of the prospects they had carefully put into their data bases. That’s not sales and that is not a sales person’s job. The sales department should be doing that and the salesmen need to cold call, set up appointments, get face time, develop ‘real relationships’ and close deals.

What Works?

The secrets to getting millennials to jump is to offer them bonuses for each specific project based on the value of business that the sales department perceives that prospect to be. For instance, in the event of a high-value customer that the company really wants; the sales manager should say;

I’ll give a bonus of $500 for whoever brings this client in after physically meeting them.”

Changing the way the millennials do sales is essential to your sales department, if you cannot get them to make those sales calls then you need to hire people that will. It’s a tough life, if they will not cold-call, get rid of them, they are costing you money and will drag down you sales and prevent you from reaching your sales goals. Do not take this lightly, and please re-read this article and think on it.

Increase Sales By Understanding That Cold Calling Goes Beyond the Telephone

Cold calling is viewed by many as calling strangers on the telephone. Having a father who was a professional sales person, his belief was that cold calling began by knocking on doors. Using the telephone was for wimps, those who couldn’t stomach the reality of face to face rejection.

Recently, I came to realize how pervasive this belief is. Part of my marketing activities includes Internet article marketing. In submitting to one site, article categories sometimes are changed by the editors. I had submitted several articles on cold calling within the category of sales and then discovered that the category had been changed to sales teleselling. Even the editors at this article directory believed that cold calling was only for the telephone.

In this age of high powered electronics from email to cell phone to landlines, sales people have become somewhat insulated from the real world. The thought of physically cold calling by knocking on a door leaves many salespeople actually sick.

However, if we accept the premise that we drive by more business than we will ever get what is keeping us from just stopping by business, knocking on the door and getting to know the person inside? Since business today is just about if not more so about relationships, then isn’t face to face a much better way to begin that relationship?

So why the fear of the face to face meetings? Probably that fear of cold calling goes back to your childhood when you were conditioned not to strangers especially if a place you were not invited.

Yet, we meet and even talk strangers all the time on the streets. We smile at them and mean even say good day to them. However when we begin to connect that stranger to an actual physical activity of cold calling suddenly our behavior changes.

Why not take a change to begin to increase sales by just stopping by someplace and see what happens. One of my clients has adopted this cold calling strategy on a weekly basis and is getting one new client every quarter. So it does work, all you have to do is give it a try.

Developing Good Phone Habits Can Dramatically Increase Sales

The best salespeople look at every telephone call – the ones they make and the ones they receive – as a potential sale. Good phone manners can turn a “no” into a “yes”; bad phone manners can sink a possible sale. Use these six tips to improve your telephone skills and become a better salesperson:

1. Get right to the point – When making outgoing calls, your first sentence should state your purpose. For example, “Hi, John, this is Mike McCann with Global Business Cafe calling briefly today to let you know our next E-lert is going to be on July 2 and I want to interview you for an article.”

2. Smile before you pick up the phone – whether it’s an incoming call or one you’re about to make. You would be surprised how many customers will be able to tell you are smiling, because your smile comes across in your voice. Some salespeople even put a mirror near the phone, to remind them to smile.

3. Enunciate your words – Speak clearly and avoid slang and industry jargon. Never eat, chew gum, or smoke when you are on the phone. Speak directly into the phone: Some experts estimate that you lose 75 percent of your volume when you hold the receiver below your mouth.

4. Never treat customer calls as interruptions – The best salespeople realize that their customers sign their paychecks. No matter how busy they are, every time a customer calls they treat it as an opportunity to solve a problem, build a relationship, and make the customer feel important.

5. Block out everybody but the caller – When you pick up the phone, you need to shut out all the other distractions around you and devote 100 percent of your attention to each caller. If you need to put someone on hold, explain what you are doing, and keep hold time to a minimum. Always thank the person for holding when you return. Don’t interrupt the caller when he or she is talking — even if you already know what he or she is going to say.

6. Have answers ready – Keep track of the most common questions and problems that callers have and keep answers and solutions near at hand. The quicker you can solve their problems, the more they will appreciate you as a resource.

2007 Thoughts and Concepts to Consider in Teleselling

If you are in the sales profession and do sales yourself there is no doubt that you will do some of your business by telephone, it is inevitable. It is for this reason that salespeople should discuss teleselling and all the various aspects. We should be discussing the new telemarketing laws, which have changed the industry for ever and how your company no matter what size can benefit from incoming telemarketing. Selling on the telephone is much different, but it is also much more efficient especially when prospecting or cold calling.

In my career we built our small company, which was quite successful regionally into a multi-state franchising company. Eventually, we were servicing 450 cities in 110 markets with franchises we had sold in 23 states in four countries. Each time we went into a new city with our brand name no one knew who we were and we had to develop clientele for our franchisees so they can become successful, needless to say it was not easy. As we entered new markets we went through the phone book, various lists and software databases to find the most likely prospects and then we got on the phone for an initial call.

We developed for our blitz marketing team a 20-second pitch and an elevator pitch for those prospects on the other line who may have been agitated with the phone call in the beginning. It was a numbers game, but a game we intended to win and as we refined our teleselling process our success percentages and ratios when up substantially. Luckily for us we were in the fleet vehicle cleaning business and everyone needed our services and we knew if we could get to the decision maker that we would be well received because we could say that company money and improve their image by cleaning their vehicles for less than they can afford to clean them themselves.

Of course as great of a service as we had when teleselling some salesmen joke that even a person dying in the desert of thirst would hang up on you rather than taking free bottled water. In any case I think you’ll really enjoy discussing these concepts and strategizing within your own organization your teleselling efforts. Perhaps this article is of interest to propel thought in 2007?

Methods to Be Productive at Teleselling

Teleselling is a shared sales ploy used by most business establishments to sell their products and solutions and services. Nevertheless, just one or two are able to generate their target revenue through teleselling. So, if you’re searching for accomplishment in the teleselling space, read on to discover out more.

First and foremost thing that ensures accomplishment at teleselling is smiling. You could always debate that the receiver of the call never gets to see the smile on the face of the telecaller. However, it’s crucial to comprehend that smiling adds on to your confidence. This subsequently makes your voice very acceptable and you’re more likely to win over the prospective customer too. When you smile, you tend to feel very chilled which raises possibility of marketing to a brilliant degree. Reason being the individual at the other hand tends to be more receptive of your smile and agreeable voice.

Be a patient listener. Because you’re into teleselling does not imply that it’s only you who must speak. Continual speaking on your part may bug the person on the other end of the telephone. Loan an ear to understand all what the other person must say. Try not to deal with various things all at once. This can distract your mind and thereby disrupt the conversation with the recipient of the call.

Utilizing open ended inquiries could also aid you strike an engaging discussion with the receiver of the call. This will enable the other individual to speak freely. As a rule of thumb, it is significant to permit the individual you’ve called speak more. When you allow them to talk, you create a comfort zone. Plus the more at ease they’re, the easier it will be to persuade them into buying something.

Come in rhythm to the recipient’s style of speaking. If the individual at the other end of the phone speaks softly and gently, try to take on the same speaking style. As the pace and the style of talking reaches a common ground, the odds of successful chat boosts manifolds. The receiver develops an affinity with the caller and thereby strikes an engaging chat.

Yet another effective measure that can support you make the most from your teleselling endeavors is usually to record your calls. Listen to your recorded calls time and again. This will help you find out the weak areas that need attention and improvement in a much better way. Sometime there may be an fault in the articulation, the way you address and many more. Zero in on the mistakes and make attempts to mend the same.

So, in case you wish to apply teleselling as a way of selling your products and solutions and services to buyers, keep these tricks in brain. By applying them, your business ought to bring in more profit through telesales than ever before.